Snow Removal Services

We specialize in professional and prompt snow removal and ice control. Weather you need someone to shovel your walkway or plow your Industrial Park, Royal Star should be your choice. We have state of the art equipment from snow blowers to pay loaders with 18' box plows and everything in between. All our plows and sanders are radio dispatched for prompt service. When you get to work your lot will be clean. Unfortunately you need a combination of sand and salt to control ice in this area. One for traction and one to melt the ice. By the end of a long winter this sand can build up in your parking lot and cause havoc with your drainage system and your office flooring causing expensive cleaning bills..We at Royal Star have modern sweepers to pick up the sand before it has a chance to damage your property. Usually this service goes hand and hand with snow removal and we give special pricing to those who use us for both services. If you need competitive pricing and great service give us a call. We will be happy to supply you with many references in your area.